Graph drawn on a white paper with some stationery around it.
Graph drawn on a white paper with some stationery around it.
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In this story, we will look at different Gradient Descent Methods. You might have some questions like “What is Gradient Descent?”, “Why do we need Gradient Descent?”, “How many types of Gradient Descent methods are there?” etc. By the end of this story, you will be able to answer all these questions. But first thing first, we will start by looking at the Linear Regression model. Why? You will get to know it soon.

Linear Regression

As you might be knowing that, Linear regression is a linear model, which means it is a model that finds or defines a linear relationship between…

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In this story, we will be tackling the legendary MNIST dataset. This dataset is quite popular among Machine Learning beginners. In fact, this data set is so popular that it is often termed as “Hello World” of Machine Learning or Computer Vision.

This story will also give an idea about classification problems in machine learning. In the end, you will be able to answer some frequent questions about how to tackle multiclass classification? what performance metrics should be used? how to increase performance ?.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction.
  2. Importing Libraries.
  3. Loading Dataset.
  4. Exploring Dataset.
  5. Splitting Dataset into Training and Testing…

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Working on Data is always interesting as you get to know the things that you might have never thought of. But it can also get very confusing and hefty if you are not organized. So to avoid this it is better to have a plan or checklist. It is always good to have a checklist as you might skip some important steps that you planned to do. This majorly happens when you are new to the field or having a big project with many tasks. It is advised to create a checklist yourself that should work reasonably well for most…

Prakhar Singh Tomar

CSE Undergraduate | Data Science | Competitive Programming

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